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Optional Wine Tour - One Day Package - Zuri Wine Tasting

Optional Wine Tour - One Day Package - Zuri Wine Tasting

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Price: $159 per person per day or $250 for both days. Each day includes round-trip transportation, all tasting fees, and lunch.
Saturday 10 am to 6 pm: The best of Stellenbosch
First stop is South African’s only black-owned wine farm and tasting room, Seven Sisters. Here we will hear the story of the Seven Sisters and taste their award-winning wines. Next stop is Blauklippen Wine farm for tasting, lunch and a visit to their Farmers Market. The last stop on the way back to the city is at Vergenoed for the world famous duck parade and wine tasting.
Sunday 9 am to 7 pm: Fancy Franchhoek with three black Somms.
Taste our way through some of the best and most majestic wineries in South Africa, the bonus is an intimate tasting experience with black sommeliers. Tasting at three locations. Our lunch stop is at a delicious French cafe and chat and eat with a black winemaker. 
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